Our Committees and Topics are not yet finalised. Here's what we offered last year!

World Health Organisation WHO

The committee which deals with questions regarding global health. It is one of the most important committees as its aim is to build a better, healthier future for people all over the world.

Chairs: Chizi Gakuo - mcgakuo@gmail.com; Abdulaziz Al-Ammar


Disarmament and International Security Committee DISEC

In this committee you will hope to achieve similar goals of the actual disarmament council in New York, originally set up to tackle the threat of large scale munitions stockpiles of super powers left over from the Cold War; now more focused on developing powers, their abuses of WMDs and the illegal use of military strength.

Chairs: Gonzalo Cervera - gonzalo.cervera@student.manchester.ac.uk; Daniel Worby - drw514@york.ac.uk **Please send Position Papers to the chairs**


United Nations Security Council UNSC

The Security Council is the most important and the most powerful UN body with the discretion to legitimise the use of military power. The Security council consists of fifteen members from the General assembly, five members known as the permanent five who has veto powers. The other ten states are elected in two years term basis.

Chairs: Ahmed Al-Ammar - a7madlmr@gmail.com; Gregor Anicic - gregor.anicic@student.manchester.ac.uk


United Nations Human Rights Committee UNHRC

The UN Human Rights Council is an inter-governmental body of 47 nations set out to focus on the following and abuses of human rights as set out in the UN Human Rights Act. Some of its main focuses are on freedom of expression, freedom of belief and religion, LGBT rights, rights of races and minorities and women’s rights.

Chairs: Cecily Holt - cecilyleah@gmail.com; Asim Mushtaq - asimmushtaq.ch@gmail.com; Sara Schjødt Kjær



Crisis is a very exciting real time committee which consists of two or more Cabinets (sides). During the sessions you are called to come up with strategies that will benefit your team or your country. A Crisis committee does not exist in the real UN.

Directors: Joe Gleeson - um12jg@leeds.ac.uk; Kit Sou - i.k.sou@student.liverpool.ac.uk; Megan Houston - ml16m2h@leeds.ac.uk; Adam Lowe - adamjlowe@hotmail.com
Chairs: Frederica Saletta - salettaf@hotmail.com