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Click below to fill out your Delegate or Delegation Application forms. (You will be directed to our student union's web page where you should click BOOK NOW. If you are applying as a delegation you will need to increase the quantity of the delegate tickets to equal the number of delegates your delegation consists of.)

  • Late Delegate applications for UK and EU students are open now until 2nd of March 2016, 11:59 pm. (£20 Delegate Fee).
  • Delegate applications for VISA students are now closed.
For liability reasons once you complete the applications you will be asked to pay for all the tickets or your details will be lost.

Disclaimer: The University of Liverpool will not be sponsoring any delegates or chairs for their travel or accommodation, whether it be UK, EU or international students. Moreover the University and any other organisations associated with it are exempt from any liability for travel or accommodation costs or any other expenses, in the event that the Conference is cancelled.