How do you make a conference amazing?
With the following team of course!

Theodora Katsanouli Secretary General

Distinguished Delegates, Honorable Chairs and Dear Guests,

It is an honour to be your Secretary General this year. I am a third year Medical Student and this is also my third year of being involved with MUN at the University of Liverpool. I have been participating in MUN Conferences since High School both in the UK and in Greece. These experiences have increased my passion to widen participation in our Conference and encourage students from across the globe to attend

Students of the world, whether you are an MUN-Pro or have never done it before, it is time you came together. Whatever you are studying, whatever your background is, you are called to challenge yourself, embrace the diverse character of the Conference and engage in prolific debates!

I look forward to welcoming you in March and together with the rest of our amazing and hard-working team, make sure you have a wonderful experience.

Blean Azeez Director General

Over the years I have been part of many Student lead groups, none of them have given me the opportunities that I have been given by being part of Model United Nations. Although I am from a region that isn’t recognized by the UN officially, I’ll work hard and proud to leave my footstep and get my state recognized. I was Born in Kurdistan and raised in the rainy side of Manchester. Currently a Pharmacology student, an optimistic scientist with a passion for diplomacy and politics. Whatever you are doing on the 3rd till 5th of March can wait but your participation at Liverpool Model United Nations can’t wait. As your Deputy Secretary General, I look forward seeing you in march at our third annual conference.

Adam Lowe USG Finance

I’m relatively new to Model United Nations, only signing up at my fresher’s fair last year but after going to that first session I’ve never looked back. I was part of many student councils growing up which helped me to gain skills in public speaking and debating which have blossomed at MUN and now I hope to inspire the next generation of delegates through my duties as treasurer on the committee.

Alex McDougall USG Media

After only starting MUN just over a year ago, I am a relative newcomer, but my interest was kindled from the very first session. I have previous experience in debating from high school and college, which improved my public speaking skills and gave me a good basis on which to start my MUN career. I am hoping to make this year’s Liverpool MUN conference the best one yet and as Media Officer take some of the most fire snapchats of conference known to man.

Dimitra Psychari USG Socials

Hello, my name is Dimitra and I am currently a 3rd year Law student at University of Liverpool. My career at MUN started randomly 5 years ago back in High School, when my teacher asked me to substitute someone at an MUN conference in Athens. Little did I know that this random substitution would develop to a big love for MUN. This is the second year I am a part of the committee here. This season I hope LivMUN to grow and our conference to be one of the most successful ones we ever had!